Cheryl Gaddie Interior Design

Interior architecture & design begins with function created for a purpose inside boundaries where we live, work and play.


The Aesthetics of interior design are integrated when form follows function.


Planning for function and efficiency, Cheryl’s concepts begin with an exterior study for passive solar design and they follow through to the most minuscule interior details in order to achieve the best use of space with an individual aesthetic satisfaction.


How we interact with public and private spaces has a direct relationship with ergonomic ease. Using elements of design for public and private spaces, her bespoke strategies produce the desired result for each client and her use of natural light through fenestration combined with artificial light, create an invitation to enter the dwelling.


Cheryl has designed some of the most opulent homes and successful businesses in the Sarasota area. Her recent projects include water front remodels, new home construction, and repurposed designs for the medical and hospitality industries.