RMID uses a critical path management timeline for on-schedule project completion. Starting with a personal site visit, the team will chart a conceptual landscape through economy, ecology and culture for sustainability. RMID analyzes geographical location for energy efficiency and determines the best use of sustainable design. The team accentuates language, technology beliefs and culture in to each client’s unique built environment. Throughout the design process, the team will ensure each client’s needs and desires are met and reflected in the physical structure and interior space. To watch as progress unfolds, clients may explore construction documents that are drawn with building information modeling software ensuring that the final result is the creation of a space that is innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Cheryl Gaddie

Stefanie Emnott

Marcus Appleby

Jessica Elliott

CGID focuses on the atmospheric impact of lighting. The team’s expertise in layout and strategies ensures that lighting plans emphasize energy efficiency and the correct consistency of kelvins for color temperature.


A critical component of sustainable design is indoor environmental air quality and energy efficiency. By balancing natural and mechanical ventilation, RMID creates sustainable and efficient environments that are assisted with solar and geothermal systems.


RMID emphasizes circulation and ergonomics when applying universal design practices. As such, every project involves in depth material research. The RMID team attends trade shows throughout the U.S. and Europe to ensure every member is well versed on the latest in sustainable thinking and smart design.

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